Business todaycustomer services May 23, 2012

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I know we all grumble about insurance. Well I know I do. I have to tell you that I won’t grumble anymore. The above photo is my car after it was T-boned in an intersection about a block from my house yesterday. ” No one was hurt and it was actually my neighbor who collided with me, I know great way to meet your neighbor.”

Directly after the incident I followed the directions on the back of my Geico insurance card and the process was like butter.

A very nice young lady took my call and first asked if I was ok, then said she was sorry I had an accident. She took all the information about the incident then went over my coverage in detail. Right then she set up a tow truck, a rental car, and then sent me a link via e-mail that allowed me to quickly upload images of the accident and give each image a description. She told me the tow truck would arrive at 8:30 the next morning and that my rental car was all taken care of. I just needed to pick it up. She then asked if I needed a ride to get my rental car? I have to say the services that Geico gave was amazing.

This morning the tow truck arrived at 8:30, at 9:00 the adjuster called me to let me know my car arrived at the auto shop. The person handling my claim called me as well. Asked me how often a week I would like to be contacted to keep me posted on the progress in handling the claim and getting my car fixed.

I know that when you see the Gecko it seems a bit cheesy in the commercials but their services is far from cheesy. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to my car being repaired, but up to this point in the process I give Geico an A+. There is so much to be said for great customer services.