Business todaycustomer services May 31, 2012

It was a poor customer services day.


You know customer services isn’t really that difficult. I’m always amazed at missed opportunities companies have to make our life’s easier so that we too will sing their praises. Well today I want to share with you 3 missed opportunities.

1. Windermere 76 Gas station. I recently was t boned in my car so I’m driving a rental car, bummer I know. This morning the light indicating low air in my tire was on so I pulled into the Windermere 76 station to get a bit of air. The air compressor wasn’t working correctly at the pump so I flagged over the mechanic that was working in the garage. He walked over and confirmed that the compressor was broken. I asked him if they repaired tires at this station? He said yes! I then asked if this compressor isn’t working then where do you fill up the tires you repair? Oh we have a compressor in the garage we use. Great! Might I be able to use that real quick to get a bit of air in my tire? Um we are real busy right now and our auto bays are full so no! Wow, really? I won’t be coming back there anytime soon for any type of auto maintenance what so ever.

2. Office Max delivery. Recently my wife and I ordered a file cabinet for the house form officer max. It had to be delivered. Knowing they would deliver when we weren’t home, I asked them to specifically call my cell number as I work close to where we live. This way I could be there when they delivered. Well today on my home phone number are 3 calls about a delivery we missed today as well as a note on the door stating that an attempt to deliver my order was made and now it will be taken back to the transfer station until I call to reschedule delivery. Ughhhhh! Ok I didn’t give them my cell number so they could call my home number. Sometimes you often wonder if the right hand is talking to the left hand? Did I mention this is after we waited a month to get the cabinet only to find out they had lost or initial order? Office Max delivery I give your services an F.

3. Windermere cleaners. I have been looking for a few shirts form some time now. Today when I walked into the cleaners they asked if I wanted to pick up my shirts. Mind you these shirts were part of a drop off I had over a month ago that I had already paid for. I said that I had been looking for these shirts. They replied with, “We wondered when you would be coming by to see if we had them”. Really? This is a cleaners 3 doors down from my work. I walk by their place daily on my way to my office. They know me by name. How hard would it have been to shoot me an e-mail or just stick their head out the door and say Mr. Fanning we apologize but we forgot to give you two of your shirts the last time you were in. I recently blogged about how great my Wife’s cleaners is, I just may be switching soon.