Business todayReal Estate Related June 29, 2010

A different spin on Social Media.

So today I had to de-friend someone. Why you ask?

Because they were so focused on being a Real Estate agent that they no longer added value to my wall, but rather filled it up with listing noise that I wasn’t interested in hearing about.

Lets remember that Social media is about being social. If we wanted to be sold to then it would be called Sold Media. I think too many people are way to focused on one particular topic and they try to push that topic everyday to their social media world. After awhile we become numb to it.  If all you ever do is talk about your new listings, and your open houses, and I’m not in the market to buy or sell a house you become white noise.I don’t see it any longer and I don’t hear it.

But if you instead try to be real and post items of value that veer off topic but are interesting. Or you provide a useful resources and keep it fresh, then you are going to hold my interest. A recent article I read on was called “Engagement or RElevancy: What is More Important in Social Media?

It really drove the point home for me. Especially the comment from Katie Urbain where she says.

” if business x is constantly and excessively talking about it’s product, it’s prices, it’s news, and it’s specials I am going to quit paying any attention if I am not currently in “buying mode”. This will result in a “boy who cried wolf” scenario. So when the said company posts something relevant to me I might miss it as I scan over their avatar in my feed, or I might have quit following them if it is too excessive.”

Bottom line, remember that the people you are talking to in Social Media are your friends. What if every day you ran up to my front door and rang my doorbell and handed me all the new flyer’s of your listings. The first few times I’m going to open my door but about the third time I would just ignore you and stop answering. If all your doing in your Social Media world is promoting your services and products then stop and think about what your doing to your audience that isn’t interested right now?

Would love to hear your feedback!