customer servicesReal Estate Related April 7, 2011

Making your home shine.

So I’m going to be a seller in about a week. Prior to getting my house listed my Listing agent and I talked about what we should do so that my  home looks it’s best when it goes on the market.

1. Pricing it correctly. This is always a tough one. As the seller we always think that our home is worth more. This is the most important aspect of selling your home. You can have the home look amazing but if it is over priced it will just sit.

2. Staging the home. I know when I was a buyer going through homes I found it easier for me to see the home when it was staged instead of packed with the current owner’s stuff. The key word here is to (Minimize stuff) It needs to be neat and clean and open. Staging can really do wonders to the way a home is perceived by a potential buyer.

3. Outside upkeep. Getting the yard groomed and looking good. Again Minimizing is good here as well.

4. Small repairs, and touching up the paint if there are holes or nics in the wall. Making sure if there were any significant upgrades to the home that your agent is fully aware of the list.

5. After the  home is staged and shined then have a professional photographer come out and take pictures.

Bottom line: walk through your home and view it as a buyer. If there is something that would draw your attention in a negative way then fix it.

I’ll keep you posted as we move forward in this process.