Business todaycustomer servicesReal Estate RelatedWindermere Real Estate June 8, 2011

To what extent do you go to offer great customer services?

When your a real estate professional sometimes your services doesn’t just extend to your customers but what about the customers on the other side?

Recently I sold my home and my home uses oil for heating. The tank for this home is underground and as some of you may or may not know at some point tanks will deteriorate and this can be a huge problem in both clean up and expense.

When I owned the home I made sure I had the PLIA’s Heating Oil Pollution Liability Insurance Program in place. The thing about this program is that it doesn’t transfer from home owner to home owner. What this means is that the new owners must go  in and fill out this form and doing so they now have protection in place should that oil tank have problems.

While taking my name off the oil account I was informed that they had not heard form the new owners and wanted to make sure they knew about the need to complete this form. They also wanted to make sure the new owner continued on with the services contract for the furnace.

What this told me is that the buyer’s Realtor most likely did not inform them of this and so here we have an opportunity. I quickly called my Realtor and he decided to call the other Realtor and pass this information along.

Paying attention to detail like this can set you apart in this business. The level of customer service will not go unnoticed. Also how happy will buyers be knowing that your looking out for their best interest?