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Real Estate Related Social Networking resources 101.   Question: If a conversation takes place online and you’re not there to hear or see it, did it actually happen?  Indeed. Conversations are taking place with or without you.    “If you’re not part of the conversation, then you’re leaving it to others to answer questions and provide information, whether it’s accurate or incorrect. […]
Real Estate Related Get scared or get busy! As I’m out in the field with all the different agents who are trying to survive in these tough times I realized that there is definitely a commonality with the ones who are being successful vs the agents that are running scared.  The biggest difference that I see is based on the attitude they have and how […]
Living Facebook yes, but what about Linkedin? I really think that Reid is onto something here. Many of you are using something like facebook or Linkedin but are you using both to your advantage? Keep in mind that Facebook is really a place for friends, and a place to let your friends learn more about your. Linkedin on the other hand is […]
Real Estate Related why check e-mail when you have facebook? I have e-mail, I also have a facebook account, and a myspace account. In my facebook and myspace profiles I can control and limit the people that have the ability to communicate with me. Because I control that arena that communication becomes far more important than much of the mail that hits my inbox. There are far […]
Real Estate Related The Economic sky is not falling for crying out loud. As of late there has been far to much negative press that has put a lot of people into a state of panic. This is totally unnecessary. There are many individuals I have run into that are not only panicked but in fear of our economic sky falling on us and not being able to […]
Real Estate Related Google Analytics for Buyers and Sellers. So recently I visited with some Windermere agents on Whidbey Is. who are really thinking out of the box and being very successful in the process.They are taking the tool of Google Analytics and taking it to a whole other level. Figure 1. Screenshot of Map Overlay from Google Analytics. Recently I read how Remax […]
Real Estate Related web 1.0 vs web 2.0 Photo curteasy of Sizlopedia   So all this talk about Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 what does it really mean? In a Web 1.0 world the content in many ways is created and managed by the webmaster and it has a direct message that is controlled and used to try and capture the reader. It […]
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